Your Essential Packing List for an Adventure Trip

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By Paramita Chowdhury

Adventure tours are different from the family trips. Before going for a trip, you need to plan and prepare. You should carry some essential belongings with you for safety. Trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, kayaking and rafting are part of a lifetime memorable trip. If you have to climb the mountains or go for elephant riding and rafting, you need clothes and things. Let us see some of the important items you should take while you are going for a trip.


Your entire preparation for the outdoor tour revolves around the activity that you are venturing out to. You should carry the essential equipment according to that particular activity. You can carry ropes, hooks, climbing shoes, torch-light and batteries. You can also carry rain coats and flip-flops as well.

Food and Water

These two items are important for any type of trip, whether it is a family or an adventure trip. When you are going for an outdoor tour, then you should carry dry fruits, snacks, biscuits and nuts with you. You should carry food that provides you energy quickly. Taking liquids and the juicy food is not a good idea. You should not take junk food and chips. Water is the most important thing you should take with you. Your luggage bag should have lots of drinking water bottles. Outdoor activities require drinking lots of water. Though you can find stores at every place, you should carry your own water bottles.


While going for an outdoor trip, you should carry comfortable clothes. It is better to wear a dress which is soft, airy and comfortable. Tight jeans, tight jackets and heavy clothes are not necessary to take. You should take the clothes according to the destination where you are going. Full sleeve shirts and loose pants are best for your activities. You should also take mosquito nets, jackets, towels with you for the emergency.

Medicines and Toiletries

In an outdoor trip, you have to stay away from the main city. So, it is better to carry lots of medicines along with you before starting the trip. Basic medicines for fever, diarrhea, vomiting and allergies are important to carry in your luggage bag. You should not forget to carry antiseptic creams and mosquito repelling creams for the emergency. It is important to take toiletries like shampoos, soaps, antiseptic lotions, toothbrush and paste.

These are a few important things you should never forget to carry when you are going for an adventure trip. The last important thing is money. You should take lots of cash in your wallet to make your trip successful. Before going for an outdoor tour, you should take help of a reputed tour organizer to make your trip memorable.

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