Paddling South / Tour Baja Take your first step toward a great wilderness vacation with the pioneers of Baja travel. Our local staff combine knowledge, skill, and friendly service to make you feel at home on land and sea.
A Mexican Combination tour is great for a family vacation. Day paddle to bird nesting islands, search for jumping dolphins, and discover hidden reefs for a fun day of snorkeling. Sleep under the stars on a sandy beach, learn Baja’s natural history, and be served great meals with a priceless view of desert islands and azure bays. While mountain biking or trail riding, follow historic backcountry trails to desert garden oases and picturesque ranch villages.
Tour Baja’s owners, Trudi Angell and Douglas Knapp, began exploring the magnificent peninsula in 1976. By the early 80’s they settled into the small coastal town of Loreto and began running the unique adventures still in operation today. They have raised a family in Baja and understand how the personal touch and local knowledge is key to a successful vacation. Join them in Baja for the trip of a lifetime!
Trips are designed for beginners in mind, and minimum age is 8 years old. Or ask about our private trip rates for families with younger kids. Free color brochures. Call our US office.