Freewheeling Adventures include cycling, sea-kayaking, hiking, whale-watching, swimming, and other attractions for families with children. Once you reserve a trip, Freewheeling tries to match other families with similarly-aged children with you. The result is a harmonious holiday with social opportunities and shared activity for both children and parents. These van supported trips may be your dream come true! By day you’ll enjoy boat trips, island visits, sea caves, and frequent stops at swimming holes and secluded beaches. By night you will rest in friendly inns and exquisite castles, enjoy the finest of local cuisines, tour graveyards by candlelight and hear tales from local historians. The “Family Frolics”, favorites among children and parents alike, were designed by Philip & Cathy Guest, who have young children of their own. The trips are inspired from a combined background of adventure touring, parenting, and an intimate knowledge of these areas. The favourite winter destination is Mexico’s Yucatan, where swimming and snorkelling are big highlights. Destinations include Canada (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island,the Canadian Rockies, & Quebec ) and Europe (Iceland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy, & Crete). Options include guided or self-guided trips, and customized itineraries or departures.