Bhutan Journeys

Bhutan is a great holiday destination for families who love exploring and being outdoors. The culture, food, dress, architecture and natural beauty are exceptionally unique and special. Wide-open spaces, hands-on engagement with Bhutanese culture, and services of a professional guide enhance this already great family adventure. We can arrange a variety of activities for active families such as walking, trekking and camping, mountain biking, rafting, horse riding and archery matches. Interested families can also stay in a Bhutanese farmhouse, learn to cook Bhutanese cuisine, or visit a traditional school where you can join students and try your hand at creating one of the kingdom’s Zorig Chusum (13 traditional arts and handicrafts).

Bhutan Journeys was established in 2005 by a team of professionals who have worked for so many years in the tourism and hospitality industry. Guided by our mission _’TO STRIVE TO GIVE THE BEST” _for the travelers. We aspire to make your visit to Bhutan a truly special experience. Our travel packages are designed to ensure that you feel the real tastes and treats that Bhutan has to offer. We also provide special interest trips for visitors wanting to immerse themselves in specific features of this wonderland called Bhutan.  Our tour packages are lead by professional tour guides who are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

BHUTAN JOURNEYS takes under its wings all your travel requirements including flight bookings and processing of visas (for both small and large tour groups). At BHUTAN JOURNEYS, providing services of the highest quality is not just important for us but it is our topmost priority. The smiles and expressions of contentment exuding from our guests as they bid us farewell means the world to us. This is what inspires us to work even harder.

Discover Bhutan with BHUTAN JOURNEYS – assuring you of an experience of a lifetime