We have compiled a list of books from that we have found to be very helpful in learning about Family Adventure Travel. In some cases, my own personal comments are noted. This list will be updated frequently as new titles become available. If you wish to purchase any of our recommendations, just follow the links provided and they will take you to the specific page located at


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artadventThe Art of Adventure

by Galen A. Rowell, J. Curtis Sanburn, David Cohen
Our Price: $24.00
Paperback Reprint edition
October 1996; Sierra Club Books

A must book for any adventure traveler’s library. The images in this book are truly outstanding.

supervacationsSuper Family Vacations/Resort and Adventure Guide

by Martha Shirk, Nancy Klepper
Our Price: $13.60

Paperback-3rd edition February 1995 Divides into 7 categories choices for your next family vacation. Good over-view and an extensive account of each listing. Not enough for those looking for their next family adventure trip.

artadventTraveler’s Tool Kit: How to Travel Absolutely Anywhere

Robert Powell Sangster
List Price: $15.95
Our Price: $12.76

A must for all international travelers, a comprehensive reference book for your library

supervacationsAdventuring With Children: An Inspirational Guide to World Travel and the Outdoors

Nan Jeffrey/ Paperback /Published 1995
Our Price: $11.96;You Save: $2.99
Usually ships in 2-3 days

An inspirational guide for families traveling on a small budget

artadventLonely Planet Travel With Children

(Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit)
Maureen Wheeler /Paperback
3rd edition /September 1995
Usually ships within 24 hours

List Price:$11.95
Our Price: $9.56
You Save:$2.39

supervacationsFodor’s Family Adventures (2nd Ed)

Usually ships in 24 hours
Christine Loomis / Paperback / Published 1998
$12.80 ~ You Save: $3.20

Wonderful resource of family adventures offered all over
the world

artadventGreat Adventure Vacations
With Your Kids

~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Dorothy Jordon
Published 1996


The Eye of the Elephant : An Epic Adventure in the African Wilderness

by Delia Owens, Mark Owens (Contributor) / Paperback / November 1993
Our Price: $11.20 ~ You Save: $2.80 (20%) ~ Usually ships within 24 hours.

This book is an interesting story of two dedicated people who strived to preserve a natural life for the animals in Zambia.


Appalachian Adventure : From Georgia to Maine

A Spectacular Journey on the Great American Trail
Longstreet Press / Hardcover / Gift edition / December 1995 /
Our Price: $17.50 ~ You Save: $7.50 ~ usually ships within 2-3 days.

This book is a wonderful look at the many people who hike along the Appalachian Trail. It has terrific pictures and stories from various people along the Appalachian Trail. If you have ever thought of hiking the trail this is a must read.


Farm, Ranch and Country Vacations in America

Pat Dickerman / Paperback / Published 1995
Our Price: $15.96 ~ You Save: $3.99 (20%) ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days

A terrific resource of dude ranches in America with over 230 listings


Adventure Travel North America

Pat Dickermen, Pat Dickerman (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1994
~ Usually ships in 2-3 days

Excellent overview of adventures by foot, horseback, on water and in snow in North America