Dude Ranch Family Vacations

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Dude ranches by the hundreds can be found by searching under dude ranch/farmstay at Family Adventure Magazine Dude Ranches can be found by state:go to to destinations/United States, and then click the U.S. state of interest. Dude ranches can be selected by following the guide lines in “A Ranch to Match Your Dreams-The Dude’s […]

Finding Family Ranch Vacations

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By Nicolle Dupont

If you’re looking for a family vacation that offers something for everyone — without breaking the budget — then consider a family holiday on a guest ranch.

As they say, the family that plays together, stays together.

Dog Sledding Adventures in North America

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By Rudi Kiya

Dog Sledding in British Columbia: The mountainous environment and copious amounts of snow has made British Columbia an ideal destination and more recently a dog sledding Mecca for visitors hoping for the experience and not the extreme temperatures of the arctic. Dog sledding is available as far east as Banff and Jasper, two national parks which border British Columbia and Alberta and as far west as the Sea to Sky corridor near the town of Whistler. Visitors to the Vancouver region can enjoy a dog sledding experience as close as Mount Seymour where short trails are available once there is enough snow on the ground in the winter season. Most people seeking the dog sledding experience go to Whistler where several outfitters take visitors through breathtaking mountain passes and along snow covered forests. British Columbia offers many opportunities throughout the province to try out this unique mode of transportation without the cold temperatures of the far north.


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By Dan Austin

All someone has to do is mention dog sledding and you might picture fur clad mountain men mushing across a frozen, barren wasteland, along the Iditarod Trail from Anchorage to Nome–ten grueling days, across endless miles of frozen wilderness. Or you might get a visual of those cute talking dogs, made famous in a recent Disney movie. Usually, what we see in the media is the extreme or the parody of the subject. Regardless of which version you might imagine, the truth lies somewhere in between. Dog Mushing is quickly becoming a wonderful winter activity for the “average family.” There are now hundreds of outfitters across the country, offering everything from the one-hour introduction ride in the sled, to a ten-day wilderness adventure in the tracks left by the Iditarod racers.

Llama Tales from Alaskan Trails

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by Pam Barnes Murphy

Llamas as back packing buddies? Absolutely!

These personable animals are wonderful walking backpacks. They make a backpacking journey easier, and the campsite more comfortable, while having very little impact in fragile backcountry areas because of their soft, padded feet, and the way they lightly browse and graze on local vegetation. But llamas also just make great trail companions. It’s not the amenities of hiking that folks recount after their hiking adventure; it’s their experience with llamas. Usually, it’s the animals themselves (and what happens because of them) that are recalled most fondly from a llama packing adventure. Llamas are unique and curious animals and they enhance most backcountry experiences. Between the llamas, wildlife, scenery, and camaraderie, your time on the trail with llamas will shape memories that will last a lifetime!

Storm Chasing Holidays – Thrill Seeking Holidays For Adventure Hunters!

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By Nick Beesley

Storm chasers love to chase storms and witnessing a tornado is usually the biggest prize any storm chasers can wish for. To achieve this goal you find this elusive bread tracking and hunting down thunderstorms and hurricanes over large distances.

A Language Immersion Adventure

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by Mary Ann Puglisi

How many times have we thought, “I would love to speak another language?” or, “Wouldn’t it be great to combine a fabulous vacation with learning a new language?”

Planning an out of the ordinary family immersion vacation can be a little daunting. Choosing where to go, given your families’ varied interests, language levels, personalities, and ages, requires exploring and asking the right questions.

Alaska Vacation – An Extraordinary Family Adventure

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By Earl Calvert.

Adventure awaits in America’s last great frontier. Every one of Alaska’s 586,000 square miles invites you to its own extraordinary adventure. Rich in wildlife, this great frontier is home to more animals than people. Its magnificent scenery inspires awe in the beholder. So an Alaska vacation is your passport to a thrilling adventure.

Alaska’s National Parks

GLACIERS A Very Cool Adventure

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by Ken Streater

Imagine stepping on a slippery sheet of ice and sticking to it like fresh gum on the bottom of your shoe. Picture drifting past a two-mile wide, 500-foot tall river of frozen water and then being gently rocked to and fro by the hand of a 20-ton chunk ice wall after it thunders into the river. And, think about climbing straight up a vertical wall of ice just like Spiderman scales a skyscraper’s walls.

Glacier tours allow all of these experiences and so much more. Walking o


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By Lorraine Hall

There are wonderful, scenic, river rafting trips in California suitable for children as young as 4 years old and located close to Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, and further north in the Shasta-Trinity and Klamath National Forests. You can opt for a short half-day run, where you can bring your own picnic lunch, or a great family rafting vacation of 2 to 4 days or more. Some outfitters offer discounts up to 50% on multi-day trips on some of these runs. These trips are also suitable for seniors, so bring the grandparents. Child friendly meals are provided and prepared by professional river guides, who manage to produce sumptuous riverside meals even on wilderness trips, so parents can find time for more relaxation.