Mountain Hiking – What You Need to Know About Hiking in the Mountains

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By Jonsky Sicuna

Mountain hiking is, for most hikers, an exciting prospect because of its challenging terrain and beautiful views. You get a huge sense of satisfaction after a successful mountain hike.

The Mountain Environment

The climatic zones in mountains present a huge challenge to hikers. At high altitudes, the temperature falls and precipitation is likely. Not all mountain ranges are the same. Some are predictably sunny in certain months of the year and some are rainy. Some mountain ranges have thunderstorms and some have unpredictable weather.

3 Fun and Easy Hikes Near Calgary, Alberta

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By Jonathan Meier

In a previous post I covered the best hiking areas near Calgary. But, as I alluded to in that post, there is some even better hiking to be found a short drive to the west in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve put together this short list of relatively easy hikes that culminate in some great payoffs in terms of views, access, and relative awesomeness.

Mt. Yamnuska: This mountain is the place where modern sport climbing was born. The south facing aspect is a massive cliff that has given birth to generations of some of the best climbers the world has ever seen. The peak gives those who attain it an unforgettable view of the Albertan Prairieland and the foothills and ramparts of the Rocky Mountains.

Hiking Mount Rainier National Park

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By Michael Johnson

Mount Rainier National Park is the most popular park in the state. It has fantastic areas to explore. The Mountain is a popular challenge for people wishing to scale the peak. The park also has 240 miles of trails and is a super place to visit. Established in 1899. 235,625 acres (97% is designated Wilderness). Includes Mount Rainier (14,410′), an active volcano encased in over 35 square miles of snow and ice.

Five Top Hiking Spots in Colorado

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By Jonathan Hayman

Hiking in Colorado can be the foundation of a real adventure, and this happens because you will feel totally immersed in your surroundings. When you walk the trails and footpaths that crisscross the area, you can see its beauty, feel its culture, and gain a sense of its history. If this is something that you would like to do, why not plan on visiting one of the five locations mentioned below?

Hiking at Glacier National Park – A Memorable and Adventurous Experience

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By Jer Thompson

Glacier National Park which is almost one and a half million acres is quite impressive and boasts more than 200 streams and lakes, 50 glaciers and over 700 miles of superb hiking trails. Although, these numbers are notable, they hardly describe the breathtaking beauty of Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park is quite popular as it offers one of the best hiking opportunities in the world. At Glacier National Park, you will be able to find pristine alpine lakes that are set against majestic mountain peaks. Goats, bears, elk, bighorn sheep, black bear, golden eagles, wolverine and many more share this part of the world along with you. Moreover, there are also great wildflowers, waterfalls, mountains, Glaciers, and more then 700 miles of well maintained trails for hiking.

Hiking to Fern and Shadow Falls – Idaho Panhandle National Forest

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By Gregory Rouse

This hike is located in the mountains above the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest. This Forest comprises about 2.5 million acres of beautiful mountains, clear lakes and rivers, ancient cedar groves, fish and wildlife for a host of outdoor activities.

As for this hike, it documents a trail up to a couple of waterfalls that are lush with vegetation from the cool mist of cascading water. The trail is wide and composed mostly of large sized gravel and follows Yellow Dog Creek up about ΒΌ mile from the parking lot.

The Most Ambitious Adventure of Mountain Hiking Ever

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By Michael R Browne

It has often been suggested that the most dangerous destination for mountain hiking in the world is the hike up to Mount Huashan in China. It starts with the Heavenly Stairs, a long, steep narrow series of concrete steps which are tolerable at best. However, only the most courageous trekker would venture across Canglong Ridge (also known as the Black Dragon Ridge), which is even steeper and narrower, with very sharp drops to the left and right.

Important Information About Pindari Trek That Participants Need To Keep In Mind

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By Prakash Babu

Trekking is one of those adventure activities that require participants to have a lot of patience and energy. This is especially true for trekking trips that last for several days such as the Pindari Glacier trek. However, despite its exhaustive nature, trekking can be quite refreshing and enjoyable if the participants follow the basic rules and love the company of nature. In addition they need to be aware of some other basic yet vital information listed below, to fully enjoy the trek to the famous Himalayan glacier.

Heli Hiking

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By Ezekiel Phippen

If you’ve ever thought that going on a nature hiking vacation would be wonderful, but you’ve been worried about how far you have to walk? Some hiking tours seem to suggest that you will have to walk uphill all day, and most of us aren’t cut out for that. If you love the outdoors but don’t think you’re fit enough to go on a long hike then you should look to heli-hiking as a viable alternative.

Heli-hiking is a craze that has started in Canada but is sure to make its way all over the world any day now. In a normal hiking situation, you go in a group and simply walk from point A to point B. Your group will probably take rest stops in between, but to get to the final destination by lunch or sundown means that you will have to keep the pace. In heli-hiking, the opposite is true. As a guest, you are the one who sets the limits. Confused, well read on.

Whitewater Rafting Classification – A Guide

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By Alex Browne

Most whitewater rafting tours use the International Scale of River Difficulty to describe the river conditions and the difficulty involved in navigating it. This scale goes from 1 (very easy) to 6 (almost impossible). The levels are referred to as a ‘class’ or ‘grade’. The time it takes to pass a rapid can vary from just a few seconds to almost a minute.