Bike Tours in Portugal – The Next Big Cycling Holidays Destination in Europe?

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Bike tours in Europe have long provided an amazing alternative to get to know the “Old Continent” and is a great way to get to know this continent. In 2014, the European Cyclists Federation released a study that valued the cycling tourism industry in the continent at 44 billion pounds per year.

Portugal bike tours have been on the rise, as this kind of niche has been receiving more tourists each day. Portugal has outstanding geographical and weather conditions, which make it a great option for cycling all year long, whether on the road, mountain biking or touring for several reasons:

History and Culture available everywhere:

A country in the epicenter of trade routes, that once led the strongest naval fleet the world had ever seen, spanning over 600 years. A country of explorers and one of the first to adventure into the sea and discover cultures in Africa, Asia, India and the Americas, which is still today visible in it’s language, the third most spoken in the world. Cycling in Portugal is a great way for you to experience all this history,first hand by riding your bike through the country’s most traditional regions.

Amazing gastronomy and wines:

Available are amazing flavours and wines to enrich your cycling holidays in Portugal, from Mediterranean cuisine to fresh fish, amazing cheeses, “enchidos” and meaty dishes. Being bathed by the Atlantic ocean means Portugal thrives on fresh fish and seafood, expertly used in it’s trademark cuisine. But the country’s great diversity of cultures and landscapes means each region has an endless variety of local delicacies. Douro and Alentejo have been voted some of the best wine countries in the world, not just because they have some of the best wine tasting experiences, but also because of their authentic landscapes, wineries, farms and culture. From Michelin star restaurants to local “tascas”, Portugal is a foodie’s heaven!

Great climate and diversity:

The country’s moderate Atlantic climate makes it great for riding all year long. A moderate Autumn and Winter is followed by a sunny spring and summer. Portugal is home to some of the world’s best beaches, glacial valleys, mountain ranges, wine countries and national parks, which is a lot for such a small country.

Peaceful, authentic and charming hotels, infrastructures and people

Tourism is one of Portugal’s main activities. Visiting the country, you’ll find great infrastructures to support your stay: from amazing 5 star hotels to charming palaces, that have been restored with great care to host tourists from all nationalities. Several UNESCO world heritage sites are available to visit and the country takes care of its tourist attractions and destinations very well. Portugal has roads in great condition, that creates an  atmosphere for a peaceful group bike ride.This makes it a great place to ride.

Will the country evolve into an epic cycling destination like France, Spain or Italy in the future? We think everyone will find cycling in Portugal an amazing experience!



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