Best Warm-Weather Family Adventures

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America is an amazing land. You could be shivering inside your heated bedroom, but across the land your niece could be looking to install a second air conditioner in hers. The neighbors you left behind in wintry Chicago could be busily shoveling snow, but you might be the lucky one to be surfing in the blue waters of Miami.

Among the many such resorts around in Florida, the 71-degree Duck Key is a good choice for those who not only want to enjoy warmer climates, but also want to vacation with a contented family. You can head for any place in Central Florida, where the temperature is in the range of 70-75 degrees, with the sun shining, for close to 230 days a year.

The Sunshine State used to have a reputation for being a bit too expensive for travelers who would not want to spend a fortune to experience a few warm days. This perception is slowly changing. Florida has transformed itself into an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly destination for a family that wants to have fun.

The freshwater springs found in Florida constitute the largest concentration in the world. Your kids will love watching dolphins at play and perhaps even dive with them. Kayaking over gators is also a thrilling experience. Snorkeling with manatees for company can be a unique experience for everyone looking for adventure.

A family outing that consists og going on a picnic, or a vacation that includes an extended tours in a foreign country, is not anything new. But, family adventure travel is a fairly new concept. It is one where children and adults, together, take an active part in soft adventures that are more interactive than being a passive observer on a traditional vacation. This type of a family vacation succeeds in bonding families together in new ways because of the shared experience.

A feeling of being a team and sharing experiences together has been the new “normal” for family vacations, in recent years. Tour operators have seen their chance to “up the ante” when it comes to increasing the adrenaline factor for families on vacation,and it is being met with great success.




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